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If After reading the following FAQ’s You Still Need Answers, Please Don’t Hesitate To Contact Us

Q: I am totally new to this “website thing”. How does the whole process work?

A: Never fear, we are here to help!  During the initial period of building your website we will walk you through all aspects of the works that is required to make your website standout.  Obviously the more content a website has the longer it will take to build.

Q: Am I on my own once you have had my money and I have my website ?

A: No, not at all!  Depending on what sort of a site you are running will determine how much tweaking it requires.  For example, if you have purchased a 3 page “Micro” website simply to have a presence on the internet, then other than changing the a line of text now and then you will be pretty much maintenance free.  All backups are done in the background by us and you will not have to worry about this.  If on the other hand you have a large e-commerce website site, then yes,  you will need to constantly update your products data on a regular basis which we can assist you with.

Q: Can you help me choose a name for my website ?

A: Yes, absolutely!  We will provide you with a website where you can check if your www.name.com is available, once you find what you are looking for we will register it for you and the best thing about it is, we do this free of charge any pay for your www.domain.

Q: Can you help me set-up Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Accounts ?

A: Yes, not only can we help you set up your Social Media accounts, we can also offer you a package whereas we maintain and update your social media sites leaving you free to run your business; please ask for details.

Q: How long has PH Web Design been building websites?

A: Many years now!  We have a wealth of experience both on the front end and the back-end of web-design and Hosting Services.

Q: How much does a website cost? A: The cost of a website can vary depending on various factors, just like the cost of a car may vary. Though our website projects generally start at around £195.00 to £795.00 range for basic business sites and range upward depending on your unique needs.  For a general guide please refer to our prices page.

Q: How does the payment process work?
A: The project starts with a 50% deposit. After design and sign off we collect the final 50%. Your website is then scheduled for launch.

Q: What kind of businesses do you work with?
A: We work with a broad range of company types such as small start-ups, larger companies for example, bars, restaurants and hotels. we also work with many more different businesses such as food, apparel, health + beauty, travel, finance, arts and more.

Q: What platform do you build your websites on?
A: We build all of our websites on the open-source software programme called WordPress.

Q: Can you help me update my existing website that another web firm built?
A: In a word “No” we have this policy so that we can 100% stand behind everything that we design. There are issues of liability of multiple designers touching the same website code over time.

Q: Can you help me write content for my website?
A: Yes. We include copy writing and editing in all of our proposals. This will be discussed in the planning stages.  Obviously, the more you can provide yourself, the cheaper your final bill will be.

Q: Can you help me source photos for my website?
A: Yes. We will help you source stock photos from sites that you are allowed to use without fear of prosecution.  You can also provide your own images if you want to.

Q: Do I own my website?
A: YES! Everything that we build will be 100% owned by you. But if for any reason you decide you want to take your site to another hosting service and get another company to service the site, we will happily assist you in making the transition as effortlessly and efficiently as possible. The website is yours after all, we want you to take it wherever you go.

Q: Can you host my website for me ?

A: Yes, absolutely!  We will provide you with a place to park your website on one of our servers.  We offer all of our customers some free hosting time. the length of time is dictated by the package you purchase from us.

Q: Once I have my website live am I able to test the speed ?

A: Yes, we recommend you run Google’s speed test.


Free domains only include the following extensions .uk .com .net .info .org .biz 
All other extensions are at a premium cost and will not be supplied free of charge by us.  However, we can register other .extension names for you at your expense if the extension you want costs more than the above. 


If After reading the following FAQ’s You Still Need Answers, Please Don’t Hesitate To Contact Us.