Website Packages Explained 

We have different website types to choose from…

Contact PH web design services in Kettering, Northants for a free, no-obligation chat. Kettering office, full in-house team, excellent support, 50+ sites built. Over 5 years experience. Free no obligation quotes. Services: Website Design, Graphic Design, Website Hosting, Online Marketing.


Unlike regular websites that consist of mutable web pages, a one page micro-website has all of its information consolidated into just one page.  Instead of a user navigating from one page to another, the user scrolls down a single webpage to view the entire contents within one page.

A three page “Micro-Website” is as the name suggests, a website made-up of just three pages.  Usually requested by small business owners to simply have a presence on the web.  Traditionally a three page micro-website is structured with a home page, an about page and a contact page.

Our five page business website package is our most popular product.  Suited for small to medium sized businesses, a fair amount of information can be displayed while still being fairly easy to maintain and update on a regular basis.  A five page website normally consists of a home page, an about page, a contact page and a couple of pages to advertise the business in detail be it with photographs, descriptions or a combination of both. 

basically the same as the description of our five page package but with up to ten pages.  This website is more suited for medium to larger business’s who want to advertise many products or departments separately.  A ten page website gives the owner/s a much bigger platform to showcase their products and services.

68% of purchases are now made online!  This is a huge market place and we are here to help you launch and maintain your online shop.  An e-commerce website is structured with a stand-alone website which has an e-commerce shop attached.  We can build your e-commerce website which will display products in categories, individually and will display small thumbnail images as well as larger images.  We create an entire catalogue for you which can be viewed and purchased by your customers.  We also link your shopping cart to your payment gateway of choice.  Just contact us for further details.    

If you are looking for something different such as restricted membership site or a blog or perhaps a variation of one of our website packages please free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.  We are totally flexible and welcome your ideas and input and look forward to assisting you in the future.    

Contact PH web design services in Kettering, Northants for a free, no-obligation chat. Kettering office, full in-house team, excellent support, 50+ sites built. Over 5 years experience. Free no obligation quotes. Services: Website Design, Graphic Design, Website Hosting, Online Marketing.


All of our websites are mobile phone and tablet responsive.  What this means is that it does not matter whether the end user views on a mobile phone, a tablet or a desk-top PC, the website will resize itself to whatever size the user is viewing your website.  Many older websites do not do this and often the user is left with no option but to use their thumb and index finger to reduce a webpage in size to see all of its content, this can turn people off and they will tend to leave a website that is not responsive opting to view one of your competitors.

All of our websites and databases are fully backed up every 24 hours and are fully recoverable.

Depending on which website package you choose, we offer a free period of after sales support.  Of course we will never abandon you we will always support our customers fully however, a small fee is implemented for support after the free period expires, please ask for details.

We understand that often, after a customer has had a chance to fully experience their website live they may wish to make minor changes such as adding, deleting or changing some text or perhaps that super photograph does not look so super after viewing it live for a couple of weeks.  Therefore we offer all of our customers a chance to have their website modified by us and free of charge.  Depending on the package you choose will determine the number of free changes that we offer.  We can continue to make as many changes or updates as required but again, a small fee would be implemented once the free updates have been used up.

All of our websites include a live and responsive “Google Maps “page within your contact us page.  Rather than trying to explain the location of your business to a customer by description, the user can simply use live directions and follow the map right to your location.  Maps can also be zoomed in on exactly the same as viewing Google maps online. This is a great feature to give directions to customers.

Everyone has come across a mail contact form while viewing websites.  Rather than simply asking a customer to click a link to send an email, a email contact form defines lines of information that must be completed before the form can be sent to the website owner.  We setup all the internal scripts to ensure that the mail form works flawlessly for you and your customers.

Depending on what Social Media accounts that you have already setup we will include links to all of your accounts on your website.  All of the icons are exsactly the same as they are on each individual Social Media website, including colours and logos.  If you do not have any Social Media accounts setup this is something that we can help you with. We also offer inexpensive, monthly packages to continually update your content, please ask for details.

We don’t just build pretty websites!  SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a very important aspect of getting any website listed on Google and all other search engine platforms.  SEO is the key to being found on the internet.  Just imagine if you opened a beautiful looking designer clothes shop in the middle of a field and in the middle of nowhere!  How would people even knew it existed?  Even if you offered everything in your shop for just £1.00, no one would know the shop had opened.  Now what happens when you pay to have that same shop advertised on the radio, TV and post billboards all over town?  Suddenly you will have people driving out to visit your shop.  SEO is exactly the same, we get your website listed, “Guaranteed” We know people who pay 100’s even 1000’s to have SEO companies work on their websites, we include SEO free of charge on all of our websites.